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Let us explain our "NITTO Rotary Engine NITTO lefCkscD have started to develop the engine with the ambition of "We want to manufacture the full-fledged rotary engine, even for model use small size one,so that we can share the idea, together with more people as possible, of how rotary engine does perfectly function by our "NITTO Rotary Engine". .Nitto Mfg. Works came out with the production model "NITTO Rotary Engine" with the displacement 20c.c. based on Glow Fuel specifications and started to sell locally in Japan on 1997.Since 2006, Nitto Mfg. Works have succeeded to develop the production model with thedisplacement 20c.c. (Amp type full automatic ignition advance circuit) based on GasolineFuel specifications and started to sell.All of our engines have been developed, designed and manufactured for the purpose ofradio control model airplanes and helicopters usages, however despite of small size enginewith the displacement 20c.c., Nitto Mfg. Works have faithfully designed and manufacturedthe full-fledged Wankel type Rotary Engine as per Dr. Wankel's basic structure without cutting through. The apex seal, corner seal and side seal have been inserted as a matter offact without omitting. The apex seal is dual-partitioning and inserted.In order to faithfully materialize the Dr. Wankel's theory in the process of the actual seal androtor etc. as the major parts manufacturing respectively, the extremely high accurate levelor state-of-the-art technology has been required. All the major parts of our "NITTO's Rotary Engine" have been totally machined supported byour own accumulated technology and machining jigs or tools developed by ourselves.Actually, Nitto Mfg. Works have been machining all the major parts at the highest accuracywith our special processing tools and jigs in house. Kindly look into the actual images byaccessing to "Component Parts", so that theachievement of how high accurate machining quality can be actually reconfirmed and understood. Especially, the finish of the rotor should be "must-see masterpiece".NITTO 's Rotary Engine have been faithfully designed and accurately manufactured  as perDr. Wankel's theory, and as a result, can fulfill the primary function of the rotary engine.
@ All of our customers and clients have been giving us their highest evaluation and appreciationon the performance of our "NITTO's Rotary Engine".Nitto Mfg. Works can proudly say that we are the only one rotary engine manufacturer in theworld who are faithfully following up Dr. Wankel's theory and making the full-fledged rotaryengine without omitting any of his basic structure, among the small size rotary engines.Nitto Mfg. Works have been manufacturing 2 types of Wankel Rotary Engine, consisting of 4 models as follows:
"NR-20EP" Glow (Alcohol) Fuel specification, Displacement 20 c.c. for Airplanes
"NR-20EH" Glow (Alcohol) Fuel specification, Displacement 20 c.c. for Helicopters
"NRG-20EP" Gasoline Fuel specification, Displacement 20 c.c.(Amp type) for Airplanes
"NRG-20EH" Gasoline Fuel specification, Displacement 20 c.c.(Amp type) for Helicopters
Kindly refer to the catalog (PDF file) in our home-page for the pamphlet and please feelfree at any time to ask if you have any questions by E-Mail or Fax.

In our Customers' evaluations

1) The finish of our engine is very attractive in appearance, at first, when unpacked fromon delivered.
2) Some of them has reported to us after observing closely for a week that it is so nice and it really is a shame to run the engine actually by mounting on the air frame, it had better keep displaying forever.
3) The other has come back with emotion, calling us all the way by the phone to report on "quiet purr of the engine", "extremely less vibration" and "the better response" etc.after actually mounting on the air frame and starting our "NITTO's Rotary Engine", which are the characteristic with the rotary engine.4) Most of our customers have been telling us that the rotary engine is so suitable forpractical use like this, or the understanding for the rotary engine had better be changed.
5) From our customers for years, "NITTO's Rotary Engine" has been running with extremelyless vibration. He could not totally find out any trouble on the air frame caused by the engine vibration, despite fixing NITTO's Wankel Rotary Engine Glow Fuel specification20 c.c. directly to the stunt air frame after flying 190 times. According to his experiences, he was forced to see cracks on the air frame caused bythe engine vibration after flying 60 times of 4 cycles engine Glow Fuel specificationDisplacement 20 c.c. so far. Many people touched by hand with the main wing during our Wankel Rotary Engine running and were so surprised because of no real vibration.
6) When you mount our "NITTO's NR-20EP" on the airplane, the powerful flight can be enjoyed, as our Wankel Rotary Engine can revolve the propeller [16" x 10"], made by  APC, maximum 8,600 rpm (when nitromethane 15% is fueled).
At the same time, our customers can also enjoy the comfortable flights, because the exhaust sound from the engine is always very mild due to rotary engine characteristic.
7) Some of our customers have been enjoying the helicopter, total equipped weight 15 kg,on the condition of Rotor Blade 790 mm (rotor blade diameter 1,800 mm) Gear Ratio8.0 (88:11) by mounting our "NITTO's NR-20EH" Wankel Rotary Engine.(by nitromethane15% fuel). In case of using for spraying of agricultural chemicals and aerial photography,sometime the payload is about 8.5 kg after deducting the air frame weight. (In case of using "NRG-20H" engine, about 9 kg max. as the total weight is recommendable.)
(Originally, our engine is developed on the assumption to fly without loading any cargo (total weight abt. 6.5 kg). Therefore Nitto do not recommend to fly with the cargo(total weight 15 kg).
8) The surprisingly quiet hovering can be enjoyed when the silencer made by HATTORI isused (Nitto are @recommending as optional). Our customers have been enjoying to hear@the wind roar (brattle) of rotor blade which used not to be heard by the engine sound.Our customers have enjoyed, together with the beautiful hovering without the engine@vibration, just like the real helicopter is flying.@ Nitto Mfg. Works have developed the engine with the serious desire of "Let's experience the beauty and significance of Wankel Rotary Engine together with customers as many as possible" and "Let's popularize Wankel Rotary Engine throughout the world" have been strongly supported by many customers. Nitto Mfg. Works, having the above-mentioned evaluations and encouragement from manycustomers who have been actually operating our NITTO's Wankel Rotary Engine, do believe that our thoughts have been well shared by so many customers so that Nitto Mfg. Works can aggressively promote our manufacturing and marketing of Wankel Rotary Engine fromnow on.Please try to experience and enjoy the beauty of Wankel Rotary Engine by yourselves.Please use "NR-20EP" or "NR-20EH" Glow Fuel specification when you start to experience the amazing power of the Rotary Engine. When you want to minimize the displaced smoke or want to save the running cost of the fuel, Nitto think you had better use "NRG-20EP" and "NRG-20EH". Your inquiry is always welcome.