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Rotary Engine‚“


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1-1-7 Kasugano HIrakata Osaka.
578-0935 Japan
E-mail: nitto@nitto-mfg.com
Founded 1965
Major line of business Design and manufacturing of tools and
specialized machines,manufacturing and sales of Wankel rotary
engines for model aircraft
Original technology/products Wankel rotary engines for models

@Why are NITTO Wankel Rotary Engines got acclaimed by legion of model fans?
With the motto, "Develop own creativity, never try to do what others do", NITTO MFG. WORKS have been in the business of tool designing, manufacturing, as well as development of new machining methods and original products. After the bubble economy collapsed in Japan, the company has worked toward breakaway from subcontracting, using their accumulated expertise in machining for many years.
@With regard to time lately, many more customers have requested the company to cast their own thoughts into shape.

@As a grand sum of acquired technology over the years, NITTO MFG. WORKS released Wankel Rotary Engine (20cc, glow fuel) as in-house product for model plane in September 1997, after 4 years research and development.

@Faithfully respecting Dr. Wankel's basic structure without cutting through, the engine has satisfied four parameters; powerfulness, no vibration, quietness and better response, while the durability is fully secured by NITTO MFG. WORKS 's innovative idea and conception (Patent No.2902316). All these qualities make up the reason why the product is got acclaimed particularly by legion of fans of model helicopter.
@Nitto MFG. WORKS was accredited under the Small and Medium Enterprise Creative Activity Promotion Law in September 1999, due to its "Research and development of the compact size rotary engine (gasoline spec) as a motor". From now, NITTO MFG. WORKS are expected to research and develop mowers and compact size power generators.

@With lifetime aim of "exploring the origin for manufacturing", President SARATANI does brighten up the work site and collaborate with his father and younger brother as his business