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September, 2000 NITTO received the commission to design, develop and manufacture of the ultra small size rotary engine, from University of California at Berkeley
NITTO has been introduced in gWeb Learning Plazah established by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Independent Administrative Legal Entity.
February, 2008 NITTOfs engine gNZ26M(G230PUM Modified) won first prize at g44th International Meeting for Lake Biwa Cross 10kmh held by JMPBA(Japan Model Power Boat Association).
March 15, 2008 NITTO was introduced in gG8 Finance Ministers Meeting at Osakah
March 10, 2008

NITTO was introduced in gManufacturing.Technical integrationh at gStockpot images of Osaka Brandh

April, 2008  NITTO was introduced in g40th Anniversary for sales of the cars powered by Rotary Enginesh at National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo
April, 2008  NITTO was introduced in gDream and enthusiasm for Monozukurih at gThe story of latest inventionh held by Chiba Museum of Science and Industry